I don't need one of these

I don’t need one of these

Yup, all done, except for this post, no bugle required.

Today is festa junina (June Party), Yes, I know it’s now July, but we couldn’t have it interfering with the football (soccer) now could we? That would have been most unBrazilian.

This post will be short because I have to go out and find a funny straw hat.


funny straw hat

Chapeu de palha (funny straw hat) is essential for these parties where everybody dresses up as a caipira (Brazilian country yokels). Boys with penciled moustaches and farm overalls and girls with penciled freckles, pigtails and gingham dresses.

Music, dancing (sort of like square dancing), eating and drinking are the order of the day night and will go on until near daybreak.

For me, the eating and drinking are okay, the music (loud) I can tolerate, stay up all night… not bloody likely. I will be tucked up in my bed come the witching hour.

festa junina imageFesta junina is also known as festa do São João celebrating the birth of St John the Baptist.

There will be a big bonfire at the street corner and plenty of fireworks. Nothing in Brazil is celebrated without fireworks.

You can see by the picture how to look like a caipira.

Personally, I don’t need a fake moustache and I will go as far as the hat.

But for R$30 it’s a good deal. Open bar, free food, a chance to mingle with the neighbours, some of whom only come out of their houses for this event, because you hardly ever see them during the year.

So it is with heavy heart that I finish this post. My heart is heavy because I am afraid I have left it too late to find a hat, and the longer I prattle here, no doubt the harder it will become.