Absolutely wicked!

My day so far…

Worked two hours, paid the rent, shopping (unsuccessfully) for handkerchiefs, lunch 11am – 3pm, nap 3:30 – 6pm…

And here I am, still under the affluence of incohol. I didn’t mean to, I rarely do it, but it was fun.

I started lunch with beer, then the crafty waiter offered me wine. Oh, I am so weak.

When you open a bottle… it should be drunk.

I even put the cork in my pocket. My neighbour is doing a project, she gets all my corks.

The backspace key is working so hard at the moment, it has asked for time and a half, and wants a Christmas bonus.


Bonus??? This backspace wants a pension!

Bonus??? This backspace wants a pension!

I have discovered that I am a turophile. Now that’s nothing disgusting, and I am not Catholic.


It means that I like cheese; that I am a connoisseur… that I adore cheesy things. I do/am. I have never found a cheese that I didn’t like.

Let’s move on a little…


Have to be a Scot, no undies…

Four people got gored in the annual Pamploma bull run, stupid people, serves them right. Bulls 4, stupid people 0.

I cannot understand the stupidity of some people.

I clearly remember, as a child, avoiding the bull paddock; even if it meant walking miles out of our way, the bull paddock was out of bounds. Normal people just didn’t go there. Maybe this explains the bull run, only not-normal people do it.

IBM Golfball with typestyle interface

IBM Golfball with manual typestyle interface

The dastardly clever Russians have come up with an evil plan to thwart the nasty American NSA people… The Kremlin is buying typewriters!

Let’s see the Americans spy on that!

Maybe we should all do that, buy a typewriter and use the post office again.

The downside is that the forests would disappear faster.

I haven’t blogged a lot today, I suppose I should…