I didn’t get here yesterday. Well, I was here, but I just didn’t get here! So there was no post, not even one of my phantom posts.

Split days and a long early morning are to blame. Same today, but I didn’t have evening classes to deal with, so here I am; in all my underpanted glory.

After work, it was the supermarket. Bought too much booze, blew the budget. Apart from the odd twinge of guilt, it felt wonderful. I love my therapy. Who needs meds?

6997One of the boozy things I got was a bottle of Aussie wine, a dry white.

It was an unplanned purchase, cheap enough, but then I had already put a bottle of Campari in the chopping cart. That was later added to by a bottle of Tawny Port.

Then I bought some smelly cheese too, and they’re not cheap.

I have always considered minor memory lapses to be a sign of aging although they didn’t start recently, but have been with me for a long time. They don’t happen often, but small things like standing at the fridge with the door open wondering… “Why am I here?” Or entering another room, with the same bewilderment.

But I found the cause today, it all has to do with doors… You can read more on my Genes blog today.

popeboxbNext week life in Rio will be chaos. Public holidays on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. It has already cost me R$200 off my months wages and all because I of the Pope; and I’m not even Catholic! Why couldn’t he just send a nice message to be read to the faithful instead of getting on his chariot and coming here personally.

Popes should be kept on their ropes.

Not running around the world disturbing lives unnecessarily.

Weekend… Cold front is hovering, and after they said it wouldn’t be here until Monday. Someone needs to polish his crystal ball.

It’s my beefless week, so my menu is all chicken, pork and fish. Yes, there is a shark in my freezer.

The nws has started, the coffeepot is calling…