MealWithoutWine0I read a post yesterday entitled How to make Breakfast Exciting.

My immediate thought was, add wine! Inspired by the saying on the right.

I have just had a peek in my fridge; I found the following: eggs, bacon, mushroom. In the vege stand there are tomatoes, and in the cupboard a jar of asparagus.

It is time for my midday nap. I am planning breakfast. No, I haven’t had breakfast yet, so far my day has been powered by coffee, but I am running on empty.

Sunday breakfast… bacon and eggs, stewed tomatoes, grilled mushrooms and asparagus on toast with oodles of pepper…. and wine!

MUSCAT-OTTONEL-DRYIn response to my post a couple of days ago, it was suggested that I try “Dobrogean Muscat Ottonel… white, divine nectar. Just don’t go over, the hangover lasts at least two days”. I had to google Dobrogean Muscat Ottonel and discovered that it is a Romanian wine.

The chances of finding that here in Brazil would be akin to finding rocking horse poo. Couldn’t find that particular brand, Dobrogean, but I assume this is similar; also most certainly not to be found in Brazil. So I will improvise, with a wine that doesn’t produce a two-day hangover.

Sundays are normally boring, but with a little imagination, scraps from the fridge, you can turn it around.

I hate screw top wines. I chanced the other day to find an Australian wine, when I got home I further discovered that this wine had one of those infernal screw tops; if I had seen that in the supermarket, it would have gone back on the shelf.

My blogs are still on the decline. I know, I am whinging… Five of my eight blogs reularly topped 1,000 hits a month, last month that had dropped to two blogs leaping over this formidible barrier, this month, one blog may just stumble over 1,000 hits, may be not.

New Zealand had another moderately severe earthquake yesterday; a 6.9. This one was in Wellington, rather than Christchurch which has been largely flattened by the 2011 & 2012 shakes in which over 100 died.

Time for nap.