That’s me, now.

Took me about five minutes to state the obvious.

guaratibaBrazilian weather doesn’t like the pope. Today a mass involving the 14 stations of the cross was moved from the planned site in Guaratiba to Copacabana. The site in Guaratiba was a quagmire of mud and totally unusable despite R#24 million being spent on the infrastructure, That’s a lot of wasted money.

I have just watched the pomp and ceremony on TV. About 1.5 million people attended in the cold wind; at least there was no rain.

Today was exciting. I napped, I supermarketed, I renapped, I lunched on homemade hamburgers and read the news, again. Between all that activity I managed to post on most blogs.

The sun managed to shine, although it was still bitterly cold.

I hope he's found a comfy blanket

I hope he’s found a comfy blanket

Lixo has disappeared. He’s a Tom cat, so I expect him to be absent overnight and come home when he’s hungry. But this time he has been away for more than 48 hours; I am fearing the worst. The last visit home he wasn’t his usual hungry self, the same symptom that manifested in Meow Meow’s and da Meow’s demise. I fear he has been poisoned. He managed to escape the previous round that claimed two cats and five dogs in the near neighbourhood, but his luck may have run its course.

I sincerely hope that I am being premature, and that he’ll jump through the bars on the door at any moment.

I’m going to leave it her for now.