boil-waterWhile I was making coffee this morning I poured boiling water over my left hand, which is not an auspicious way to start the day.

I had already managed to get my flipflops on the right feet while not falling out of bed, I managed not to pee on the floor, nor bump into furniture on my way to the kitchen.

It’s rare that I have kitchen accidents, but when I do, I do it properly. Despite running cold water over the area, my hand still feels the heat.

So with Saturday well on the way, I bring you this post. I have no idea of what I am about to post, you could say it’s pot luck.

Short shorts, similar to these

Short shorts, similar to these

I was browsing another blog earlier, some lovely photos; one was of a shapely girl in short shorts. “Yum!” I thought quietly to myself; while I am advancing in age, I still appreciate the finer points that senility hasn’t erased from my memory. Scrolling down further I perused the comments; one was from a lady blogger whose blog I follow, whose comment, “I’d kill to get into those shorts!” was echoed somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind with “Me too, me too…” Although, I tend to think that her passing thought and mine, were at opposite poles.

Reminded me of a gag I posted recently…

I am behooved to measure my modicum. A comment on one of my posts, mentioned “any body with a modicum of intelligence…”left me wondering what is a modicum?

I therefore googled it.


And discovered this. As I am neither a woman, nor pregnant, I feel I needn’t heed the Govt warning. I don’t have a car, but it left me wondering, can a pot of boiling water be likened to ‘machinery’? Which I obviously failed to operate correctly this morning.

Google was singularly unhelpful when I asked ‘How’ to measure a modicum, I so wonder if a 12 inch ruler would be sufficient…

12inchruleIt certainly more than satisfies the dimensions of other parts of my anatomy.

Cat allergy; they have discovered why some people are allergic to cats, major scientific breakthrough should help us solve the world’s problems.

At the moment, I just wish I had a cat, one Lixo in particular to be allergic to. It is now the third day he has been missing. I miss having my face licked at 3am informing me it is time for tickles. I had no-one to trip me up by lying in the middle of the kitchen floor;and I had to poo alone this morning. When one is a cat person, one needs a cat. I am suffering from a feline deficiency.

Carbon, water, pollution have all created scares when it come to the environment. Now they are scaring us with the possibility of the Arctic releasing a methane bubble/s that could cost the world about $60tn, that’s a little more than a teacher makes, in fact than all the teachers make, in fact it’s more than the whole world makes in a year.

Something has to fill the vacuum

Something has to fill the vacuum

Methane bubbles can be pretty big, when they rise to the surface and escape into the atmosphere, something has to fill the hole. Sea water, and anything floating in it or above it (apparently the suction is enormous and could pull low flying aircraft from the sky).

My new Rule No. 1, “don’t fly over methane bubbles.”

The sun is out, then in again, it’s been doing that all morning. At the moment it’s in. The air is cold, but not quite as cold as yesterday.

Google tells me it should look like this

Google tells me it should look like this

I have been living the week under a delusion. I thought this week was beefless; I have been tormenting myself needlessly.

Today for lunch I am making slapdash meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Basically the recipe is a dash of this, a dash of that, slap it in the oven and make gravy.

The local news last night, was 1 minute of a protest against the state governor and 20 minutes of pope, pope, pope… It’s starting to get a tad boring. More popery today, and tomorrow. Thank God he goes home on Monday and we can get on with our lives again.

Time to make meatloaf.



One of the botequim regulars told me that the neighbour’s dog had been found poisoned in the park, and that he had disposed of it and a dead cat as well, no description of the cat. I am waiting for the neighbour to come home to get a description of the cat.