insanityThat was the case yesterday… twice!

Firstly, this blog received more than 740 hits from the same Canadian IP over the period of an hour. I fully suspect it was something malicious, and it totally screwed up my stats.

Secondly, I decided to have lunch in the park. The local football club had used the botequim BBQ and it was still hot, so I added some more charcoal and used the sirloin and pork ribs that I had in the fridge. I marinated the meat in beer, and drank the rest while the smell of BBQing wafted around the area. I soon had more people around, more beer, two bottles of wine and a very pleasant five hour lunch with friends, totally impromptu.

The advantage of a BBQ is less dishes to contend with.

Did I not suggest that the pope would be interviewed on TV… He was, the interview was aired last night after his departure. I missed it, because by eight o’clock all I wanted was bed. But I got the replays over lunch today.

My students have both cancelled for the evening, so I am sorely tempted to follow the smells of another BBQ at the botequim… which would suggest it may well be beer o’clock.

May as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.

Ever wondered about where that saying came from?