A Little Wooden God

A Little Wooden God

What a pleasant way to spend an afternoon after lunch. Lunch was a bit heavy, a biiig hamburger steak, fried mashed potatoes and stewed tomatoes, a bit savoury, my mouth feels as dry as a little wooden god, similar to the one shown.

Ever wondered where this phrase originated?

Just found out it is of Australian English origin, with no real point of origin.

I had always assumed that it may have been of a ‘Rudyard Kipling’ type origin in his poetry about India, but no such glamour.

So, extrapolating on the idea, little wooden gods must have been made at some time in antiquity, therefore the wood would be very dry.

My morning student rang last night and  canceled classes for the next two weeks, so I have some small reprieve from my split day schedule, which was rather tiring. So I can get about with life, rather like a normal person.

I found this….

Steam Punk Locomotive BBQ

Steam Punk Locomotive BBQ

Want one!

So far, I have the hat.

Not much, but it’s a start. STOP sniggering!

Just think, I’d never have to use that rusty old wheel rim BBQ again; anyway, I can’t, it’s broken. On the weekend I had to borrow the botequim BBQ.

I can’t remember whether I had anything specific to say today, at least I didn’t write myself any cryptic notes.

The day is sunny, but cool again. It will be chilly by the time I leave for work at 5pm. The nights are cold, I have never slept in so much in Brazil before, two T-shirts, two tracksuit pants and two blankets.

We’re still getting poped on the news; I don’t know which has become more tiresome, him or the nasty little dog that is yapping next door?

Must away and desmellify ready for work.