uruguay-map-2Uruguay said: Let’s legalise cannabis…

The pope said: Don’t legalise cannabis. Because he was told to say that.

The UN has said: It is concerned by the approval by Uruguayan MPs of a bill which would legalise marijuana. Because it would be a dangerous precedent in proving that the USA was wrong… again.

The italics are my views.

“Now we come to an unassuming man, a humble man, one José Mujica, he is the president of Uruguay. José Mujica is the antithesis of nearly every president in the world, he is the president that we all deserve instead of the arrogant power hungry bastards that we are saddled with. Previous post on The World’s Poorest President”The Pot Pot Rots today’s post on Tomus Arcanum

If the bill gets through the Uruguayan Senate, which it stands a good chance of doing, Uruguay will become the first country in the world to fully decriminalise cannabis. This shows the wisdom of the world’s poorest most unpretentious president when compared to the bombastic bastards we have elected in the west.

I know this is not a political blog, but I am overjoyed that Uruguay has shown it is not afraid of the bullies.

Like José Mujica, I have never used the stuff, but also like him, I see the damage that criminalisation has done to our world; more damage than if it was never criminalised.

It’s time for work. Happy reading.