Of course not, they were coffee berries

Of course not, they were coffee berries

Yes, we owe it all to stoned goats.

I can just imagine you all thinking, “WTF is he rambling on about today?”

I love being enigmatic.

If it wasn’t for an Ethiopian farmer  way back in the 9th Century noticing that his goats got stoned after eating a certain berry, we may never had had coffee.

Imagine that, a world without coffee? Que horror!

The origins of coffee are actually a little mixed, some say Ethiopia, some say Kenya, and some Sudan, but it is known that the coffee we drink today is genetically the same as that found in Ethiopia. The Arabs of Yemen got hold of it and it was called qahhwat al-bun (wine of the bean); how appropriate?

Who said that a meal without ‘wine’ is called breakfast? Just goes to show, that he knew bugger all about coffee.

Wikipedia has several accounts as to the origins of coffee, but this was the first one I knew, so I stick to it.

Having tickled your collective fancy with more useless trivia… I’ll move right along.

Stainless steel beauty, but mine has a window in the door

Stainless steel beauty, but mine has a window in the door

I bought my stove.

The model I originally went to look at wasn’t available in the shop, only on the internet, so I went to another shop.

It will be delivered Monday or Tuesday.

I got a few other things while I was in town. It doesn’t seem like true therapy if one returns home with just a receipt. I had to make it seem like real therapy.

I got some woolly type tracksuit pants for this cold weather, and I got a T-shirt from my football (soccer) team Flamengo. I have been in Brazil and thereabouts for 21 years, and I finally got round to buying a T-shirt… Talk about procrastination.

Today was actually hot and sunny. I went to the supermarket for some more therapy. Amongst my prizes was a bottle of Frangelico liqueur. I love liqueurs.

Tomorrow is also forecast to be hot and sunny. I may just have to resort to a BBQ in the shade of the trees in front of the house.

I’ll not dally any longer, or this will become tomorrow’s post.

Later… ah tomorrow.