This is a cooker, actually it is a pressure cooker

This is a cooker, actually it is a pressure cooker

Shocking revelation!

I just replied to a comment on my previous post, Atlas, and my reply followed suit. I spoke American. I called my lovely new kitchen stove a cooker…

A kitchen stove is quite another matter.


There, I am back, I have just washed my mouth out with soap.

I should be rattling my dags, because today is payday, and I have to make my monthly trek to Barra. Dags explained here.

My new stove makes great coffee. This morning I found myself wondering just  how a new stove could possibly alter the taste of coffee, what magical feature had they bestowed upon the beast to make coffee taste better? How could this be?

Then I realised that I had loaded the coffee canister yesterday with Pimpinela coffee, the best brand… instead of my cheapie standby.

Having solved that mystery, I will be off and leave you with this link: The Care and Management of Your Pet Sphinx for a good laugh.