monday_coffee_beansSitting here, staring at the screen, wondering what to write.

With any luck, if I can keep up the waffle, it may just turn into a post.

Gnomes, now there’s a go. I have never discussed gnomes before. I don’t like garden gnomes. I think they are pathetic. But that view is not shared by everybody. I have discovered there is a movement (and blogs) to protect gnomes from garden slavery. It’s nice to see people worrying about the important things in life instead of hindering life-threatening things like fracking for oil.

David Cameron, the British prime minister, is touting Britons to get behind fracking. Silly bastard can’t get his eyes above his money belt. All he can see is lots and lots of pounds from the trillions of barrels that lay under the British Isles. No matter if he has to destroy the place to get it.

First Uruguay, and now Mexico is thinking seriously about legalising cannabis. This debacle has gone on long enough. The USA is reviewing the criminal justice system by removing mandatory prison and minimal sentencing for some drugs; the problem there is that prisons are too full, the government can’t afford them.

Awesome beast

Awesome beast

The fastest airplane ever built, SR 71, was mothballed some years back. Now the Americans are rethinking the idea. Technology has never come up with anything close to the Blackbird.

Three times the speed of sound, higher than anything with jet engines can go, can outstrip any missile defence system on the planet.

Now with the threats of hacking and the possibility that defences could be compromised, they have discovered that they need this ‘antiquated’ technology as a surveillance backup. The Blackbird may fly again.

autismFor the last few years I have been considering the possibility that I may suffer from autism, mildly, but I have always been fascinated by spinning things to the point of being mesmerized by them, one of the signs of being autistic. I’ve never been into head-banging, that hurts.

I often find myself giggling, and often I prefer to be alone, but there are many of those symptoms that are not in my repertoire.

Well, I must spin right along, an hour to make myself socially respectable and get to class.


Leave you with this from way back 1968, New Zealand band Simple Image.