3-day-offJust wondering…

I still have posts to do. But I could easily be persuaded. Any persuaders forthcoming?

Oh, pity…

Well, I will sit here munching on my cheese ‘n’ onion sandwich then.

It’s Friday, see that sign over there: It says nothing about ‘no beer’, so it could be beer o’clock and because of your reticence, I could well be the victim of an unnecessarily ‘beer free’ day off. Think about that. No beer on your day off, that should be made a criminal offence.

Well, lamenting the fact won’t get ‘me any closer to my beer, so I’d better get on with it; especially since I didn’t exactly ‘get on with it’ yesterday and coped out with a video clip. The kid was great, wasn’t he?

Following the success of Akim’s performance the little boy had to be essentially hidden from the public eye as many German television stations began pursuing him for appearances. Rieu took the toddler under his wing, paying for his musical lessons on both violin and piano and overseeing his instruction (both musical and otherwise) so that Akim will remain “a nice boy”and not become “an insufferable child prodigy” as Rieu fears would be a possibility without his influence. – Wikipedia

Here he is again, six years later in 2009, then aged nine playing Dance of the Fairies, a much more difficult piece which he learned at five.

And, today…


Oh, and that’s not all, the kid sings…

And… plays the piano.

I know that Pie Jesu is not everyone’s cup of tea, even with a lithp (he was about six then), but you have to appreciate talent.

Well, having done that research and listened to all pieces, I am convinced it is beer o’clock somewhere in the world, so I shall off and support the cause.

Have a good weekend.