thinking-please-be-patient-thecuriousbrain.com_Well, I’m up, I have had coffee, I’m at the keyboard… what more do you want?

I have just rung the chemists, they deliver… and am waiting for my Tonto pills to arrive.

My net is slower than a wet week this morning; but then of course it’s Monday, what else can you expect?

This post will leave me one short of a blogload, but then it’s Shit Happens on the blog of the same name. The last few weeks my posting there has been a bit slack, actually, it would be more accurate to say non-existent with the exception of Satireday posts… and guess what? My visitor numbers have gone up. Go figure! The blog appears more popular when I stop posting, there’s some screwy here.

I didn’t update you on my diced-chicken-something recipe from a couple of days ago. It became a sweet ‘n’ sour chicken with the stir-fry-something included. One pot slap dash, less dishes. I didn’t have any pineapple for the traditional sweet ‘n’ sour, so I diced up an orange, just as good. Necessity being the mother of invention applies in the kitchen too.

I_Am_The_Teacher_funny_education_photographsI hope those pills arrive soon. I should detonterise myself before class, most unseemly to have the teacher collapse on the floor in an anamorphic heap in midst stream.

One thing I have learned that teaching requires a modicum of grace and elegance; falling in a heap during class does not fall into either of those categories and does nothing for ones credibility.

One must remain aplomb and retain ones decorum.

Pills are here, gotta pop one and see if they work.

More coffee needed, than it’s nap time.