I couldn’t even wait the 60 minutes

I missed again yesterday, please forgive me…

*grovels and kow tows before the keyboard*

It was a long day at work. I arrived home exhausted and on the verge of another dizzy lizzy. I took my pills, tried to watch the football without success. Twenty minutes into a lacklustre game I hit the hay.

Another sunny day, not hot, but pleasant. I haven’t been outside yet. I have made a half-hearted effort to do the dishes after my nap; then I had lunch, the kitchen doesn’t look like I did much. Leftovers again, yesterdays sweet ‘n’ sour pork.

insane3I have one lesson tonight, then it’s the weekend. I got over Humpday. So it’s down hill from here.

Then it’s the weekend, then it’s Monday and the cycle starts again.

Life is a matter of leaping from Monday to Humpday to the Weekend without spilling your coffee, and all the way back to depression.

I had a minor disaster on Tuesday, I decided to boil a chicken breast, and have cold sliced chicken sandwiches…

Guess what, you cannot blog and cook at the same time.

My best little saucepan, I tried to cremate it

A nasty end

It was a major FAIL, This week I haven’t been able to multi-task.

My best little saucepan, I tried to cremate it

There you have it. The chef can burn things. I blame it on the meds, not my fault.

I haven’t tried to do a ‘Jesus’ yet, he rose on the third day. Resurrection is tomorrow, although I don’t hold great hopes.

The chicken was doomed as well, a stray dog in the park had a good lunch. It wasn’t wasted.

I just heard on the news, Flamengo 0 – Cruzeiro 2, said the game was lacklustre, good thing I went to bed, stopped me from crying myself to sleep like an abandoned baby.

I haven’t really made a serious attempt to blog, so I should rattle my dags.