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Let’s Meet…


I am no longer catless.

Johnny’s mum brought round the kitten. I was afraid that it would be a short hair ordinary moggy, but I was handed this little white fluffball with eyes bluer than mine.

After a few careful strokes and he settled against me, not quite purring, but just little guttural noises.

At the moment he’s Kitty, I haven’t decided on a name yet.

He’s been fed and watered, he’s explored, he’s played with his first toy – my camera strap.

My first toy

My first toy

He’s got a light brown smudge on his head. I haven’t inspected the black spot on his eye yet, don’t want to scare him so soon.

Pooh! Flipflops smell yucky

Pooh! Flipflops smell yucky

His tail is a tabby tail, the rest is almost all white, or faint brown tones.

Iz fallin azleep on my newz bedz

Iz fallin azleep on my noo bedz

He’s now asleep behind me on the bed.

I’m tempted to name him Johnny after the boy who came to my gate, or maybe Bleach, because he’s not quite white… All my cats have been named after characteristics or circumstances. But he is Kuttiful, don’t you think?




no-alcoholWell, after yesterdays series of dizzy spells, I went to the UPA again this morning, this time my blood pressure was up a little. I got a little blue pill shoved under my tongue and started to fizz, I got poked and jabbed and had stuff pumped into me, made me pee like crazy. Four hours later, I was given another prescription and told to see an ear-nose-throat type.

In the taxi home, I remembered I hadn’t got anything out of the freezer, so there was only one solution, BBQ! Once again the waiters were surprised that I ordered a jug of fresh orange juice… this could become a habit.

I haven’t been told “No Alcohol”, I just haven’t felt like it. To me it makes sense, if you are taking pills you shouldn’t drink booze. I have been making extra fruit juice, pineapple and orange juice and banana smoothies.

So tomorrow, I am off into the city to search for an Otorhinolaryngologist, if you think that’s hard to say in English, you want to try the Portuguese version, it’s a real tongue twister. I have been given a vague idea where one hangs out.

One of the local kids banged on my gate this afternoon. “Mum wants to know if you want a kitten?”

So I may not be catless for too long.

I’m not particularly in writing mode at the moment. I actually have to think about thinking before I think, then the thinking process is a slow one, and inspiration is proportionately slow, almost inverse.

So, Later. Be good folks and hope you are having a better weekend than me.


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