“I sit and wait, but the elevator doesn’t always work, so I have to use the stairs and scramble up my grown-up’s pants leg to get to the top floor.” – Cloro


He purrs like a Cummin’s diesel at the idle

It is often said of cats when they purr that ‘their little motor is running’. If I were to apply this to Cloro it would be entirely inadequate. Because Cloro is powered by a whopping great Cummin’s diesel engine, his whole little body vibrates on the idle.

You’ll notice that I dropped the ‘h’ from Cloro’s name, the ‘h’ was my English brain working, Cloro is Portuguese.

Yesterday’s lunch was a failure. I got the fish battered, the oven fried chips and stuffed tomatoes done, but dizzy lizzy came to visit and the idea of making sweet ‘n’ sour sauce just became impossible to even contemplate.

I am off to the Otorhino… ear-nose-throat guy this morning. Yesterday was almost a whole day of dizzy lizzy.  I want to go this morning before she comes to visit again.