Cloro needs lessons

Cloro still sounds like a little Cummins diesel, but he’s going to have to control his goin’s. So far has has gone on the sofa x2, the carpet, the towel (I found that after I sat in it) , the T-shirt, and he’s just pissed on the sheets. He doesn’t seem to get the idea that you poo in the pizza box. He’s done one poo in the garden, but it has been raining since and that’s not conducive to kitties going outside.

He’s discovered there’s a cat inside the oven. He plays peek-a-boo with the mirror-like oven door.

Had a dizzy lizzy today, finally tracked down an ortorh… ear-nose-throat guy, saw him this afternoon. The conversation went like this; Good afternoon (R$50) let’s have a look (R$50) Hmmmm, needs a wash (R$50)…

coffecatI have to go back in the morning before coffee for some tests. I tried to explain to him that going out the gate before coffee was a bit like becoming a Zombie, to no avail.

Then I go back for the results next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, more pills.

I am trying 0.0% beer. Funny stuff, tastes sort of like beer… NO! It tastes like straw soaked in water, but I could get used to it. Beggars can’t be choosers.

I’m going to have another handle with some chips (may be they’ll improve the flavour) and watch the news.