Felis Piddloraptordactylosaurus making a first excursion from the nest

Felis Piddloraptordactylosaurus making a first excursion from the nest

Yes, it seems like the days of Felis piddloraptordactylosaurus are numbered. *cross my fingers* We (colloquial ‘we’) haven’t had a piddle accident in 24 hours, fast approaching 36.

Yes, I am hopeful that sofas, bed, and floor will be piddle-free from now on.

All I have to do now is convince said Felis Piddloraptordactylosaurus that the ferns in the living room are not to be destroyed.

Sunny day again, although weather forecast is for rapid change in the afternoon.

Just had breakfast… 10am. That’s a good time for breakfast, don’t you think? It’s what I call gentleman’s hours. A hearty British type bacon and eggs.

I am taking part in a ‘no food wastage’ campaign as part of Zero Waste on Reduce Footprints. So I have been using my leftovers. Sunday night I made Bread ‘n’ Butter pudding with stale bread and a banana that was past its ‘best by date’, and yesterday I had a little bowl of the filling from Sunday’s stuffed tomatoes, added two more eggs and after a good whisking, into the pan, added three thin slices of Camembert cheese then folded for a wonderful omelette. See, even leftovers can become Cordon Bleu.

Off to see the doctor today and get the results off my wobble tests.

Then it’s off to class.

Now I must go and answer comments left overnight… blogging right along.