hugMeGood, got your attention?


Today is National Sex Day, did you know that? I didn’t until I heard it on the news. Passed me over.

I got none.

I need a hug.

Happiness is a warm Cummins diesel idling on your pillow purring away at night. This has become a habit, after bedlam, bedtime. Cloro crawls up beside me and collapses above my head on the pillow.

We made it to Friday, weekend. I am on my first day with no meds and so far, so good.

ravacheHaving a small beer (real beer) while watching the news. Oh… it tastes soooo good.

It’s a new beer, don’t know much about it, but it has a good taste, hopier than most Brazilian beers. I could get to like it; much better than the watery Pilsens they have here.

Not much going on. Dilma, the president, has just had a ten minute spiel on TV telling the people what they want to hear, nothing at all to do with reality.

She’s got her knickers in a twist over the disclosures that the American spy agencies have been monitoring her personal communications. She has told Obama at the G20 he’s got until Wednesday to clarify, or the USA can get f**ked and she will cancel October’s official visit to the US.

Cloro discovered a rubberband on the floor this morning…