At least so far.

Reminded in a comment yesterday, I omitted a slippee yesterday. Fortunately my trusting nature lead me to cover the sofa with a plastic sheet, so no damage was done except to the nasal extremity of said feline piddler, when she got her nose rubbed in it.

Like this will ever happen? image -

Like this will ever happen? image –

Cloro has a new habit. He climbs up on to my neck and watches the blogging process. He’d make a good little blogger, he has the idea of napping down to a fine art.

Cool and sunny today, 2nd day with no sign of Dizzy Lizzy, will try a beer during the Brazil vs Australia friendly this afternoon.

It’d better not happen.

That would be an unmitigated disaster for Brazil, as well as bloody embarrassing.


Ayers Rock is a natural monument – export potential

I see Australia is approaching it’s own little Abbotalypse. Abbott got elected. They’re changing their national anthem to ‘God help Australia’. There have been rumours that after he has depleted Australia’s coal reserves, he plans to grind up Ayers rock to export as landfill.

Interesting article on quakerattled with an equalling interesting link to George Monbiot on how Abbott will trash Australia; well, they voted for him, good luck with that.

An hour before kick off, better have a snack,