The ferns were growing so nicely

BC – I had a small fan that worked

BC – I could find my chinelos (flipflops) in the dark

BC – I had ferns that stood proudly in the living room

BC – I could watch TV without fear of being attacked by a flying kitten

BC – My sofa didn’t smell of pee

BC – I didn’t have little scratches all over my legs

BC – I could leave the printer open with paper in the hopper

BC – I could close the fridge door without interference

BC – My floors weren’t littered with ‘toys’

BC – Could roll over in bed with fear of rolling on a kitten

BC – have sand kicked round the kitchen from the dirt box

BC – I could leave things on the coffee table

BC – I didn’t have boxes of milk blocking the shelf

BC – I could go to sleep safe in the knowledge that said cat wouldn’t find some new mischief to get up to.

BC – I didn’t have a little Cummin’s diesel engine to lull me to sleep at night

The last BC makes up for all the others…

The joys of owning a kitten.

Nothing much else to report.

Flamengo lost yesterday – 1-0 against Criciuma. The only good thing about the game was the beer.

Rock ‘n Rio starts this Friday, I am glad that I am far enough away to neither hear it or be disturbed by it. Although it will be shown on TV at any God given minute; and is already the subject of every news broadcast.

Have an early class today…