Not as fresh looking as this

Not as fresh looking as this

Yes, I finally did it; I picked up the lettuce leaf that was hanging from under the fridge door where it fell three days ago.

It served a purpose. After nibbling on it Cloro decided he’s not a vegetarian.

Everything happens for a purpose.

Last night I fixed my small fan (see BC = Before Cat post from yesterday). I couldn’t sleep without my fan after a hot day.

Pee Free day yesterday. Stole a bucket of sand from the nearby building site, so Cloro has fresh sand to kick around the kitchen floor.

Taking a break. Cloro wants some (at)tention.

I have tried taking a video (close up, no pic) of Cloro’s little diesel engine puring. But the efforts haven’t been successful. He wants to play with the wriststrap, thereby negating any chance of operating the camera. ‘Take it off’ you say; but I bought a camera that once it’s fitted, it stays fitted. Don’t these manufacturers ever think of ALL the possibilities, like one may well wish to take close ups of kitties who have this insatiable desire to play with anything that dangles…

Cloro has finally discovered his/her (still haven’t decided) place. The middle of the kitchen floor, Just the right place to trip up the human.

Still learning. This morning I was (at)tacked, ambushed, actually by a flying kitten. Cloro decided to retreat mid-ambush, retreated, banged head on coffee table, ricocheted with paw under foot that was about to hit the floor; human stumbled managed to avoid crushing a kitty paw and nearly demolished my wine stand.

Oh, the joys of owning a kitten.

Needed coffee after that.

Not much to write about today, so it must be nap time.