Behind this sinister looking door lurks... my pay!

Behind this sinister looking door lurks… my pay!

Off to visit ‘the door’ today.

I’ll be off presently, so just enough time to dash off a few words before loping off to catch the bus to Far Far Away.

Barra is about 45km (32 miles for our American cousins who have not been recalibrated), quite a stretch in the bus, actually three buses under this new BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) system. The trip used to take a half hour longer with one bus. The price is the same, if you use one of the rechargeable cards. Sometimes I catch the more expensive air conditioned buses to avoid the bus changes and have a guaranteed seat. R$9, compared with the BRT of R$2.75.

Last night Cloro had a new toy. He retrieved a cockroach from the previous night outside. How do you explain to a little kitty, that NO, we don’t need a dead cockroach in bed for the night.

Cloro peed again yesterday, but so far has not peed on the sofa today. I have a new dirt box for him with lots and lots of lovely sand. It’s so funny watching him carefully dig a hole, then miss the hole, but he dutifully covers it up anyway.

Today, I will be away longer than ever before, 10am to about 4pm, a real test for the wee mite. When I get home he makes such a fuss when I open the door; he hears me opening and closing the gate and is waiting at the door for me to unlock it. Then it’s full on ‘pleased-to-see-my-human’!

On the way home I will stop at the supermarket for some therapy… and some food. So I won’t starve this week.

Must away, I’ve done some blogging. The response to my plea for visits to my new blog was good, thank you to those of you who felt pity on me.