B&BYes, my beer o’clock yesterday was interrupted as I predicted with a B&B. Oh how delicious? I gave a neighbour a taste, well several actually, but one in particular who I know likes whisky. He approved, so I made him one which was much appreciated. When he asked for another, I told him that the cocktail would cost out around R$25 a glass, he nearly choked on the spot, but I did make him another and told him “Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho!” Later in the evening he took my two empty beer bottles and paid for them

zebuBTW I was drinking Black ‘n Tans yesterday. I have found a local ‘stout’ that is acceptable, not brilliant, but acceptable; so it was half Zebu and half Brahma.

It was moorish, not actually moorish as moreish.

I must get some more.

Hot and sunny again. Sitting here in my underpants (WARNING: Do not attempt the visual!) sweating profusely.

48 hours and Cloro has not piddled on the sofa. This morning I caught him just h was wiggling his bum into position and plonked him in the dirt box, which he was quite happy to use.

Why he insists on the sofa I have no idea.

Today there is a BBQ at the botequim. Reimundos birthday bash with live music. I’ll toddle over later and help him celebrate. Since my Dizzy Lizzy spells, I toddle quite well. Happy to say, she has stayed away and things are back to normalish.

Cloro’s latest toy, bubblewrap. That proves he’s a boy, boys just love bubblewrap. He discovered the delight after I stripped it off the bottles I brought home on Friday.

Washing day, when I stripped the bed, I found we had been sleeping with the following, one bread bag tie, one dessicated cockroach (he did manage) one piece of cellophane, a button and a cardboard toilet roll inner. I can’t wait until next week and see what turns up. Life is so exciting with a kitten.

The sun is over the yard arm…. beer o’clock