bottle-yaziYazi is the name on the bottom of my coffee mug.

Led me to explore, it has connections with calligraphy, it’s a game, it’s a Canadian art gallery and it’s a ginger flavoured vodka.

For me it holds bliss in the morning.

Hot, damned hot today, cracking 38°C (100°F) for the first time since winter.

Went into town and paid the rent, and I was soon looking for a cool place. Air conditioned, ice cold beer and BBQ, just what the doctor ordered.

I got home just before 2pm, then my student rang… “Where are you?” I had forgotten completely. A quick hobble was in order getting to the course in record time sweating profusely.

Managed to give a successful lesson.

Back home for a nap.

In the last minutes of sun, I took Cloro to the botequim (pub) for the first time. He nervously explored everything, skittish when cars went past, but he generally made himself at home.

Every time I upload a video with Cloro’s name, stupid YouTube wants me to add the tag +Chlorine; Cloro is chlorine in English, my kitty is not a chemical element.