aborigineartAustralia has art. I thought they just had kangaroos and a big rock and stuff. You never hear about Australian art. Occasionally you see some aborigine rock drawings and the like.

Australia has culture.

Hot days are over, cold front coming. It’s overcast but still warm. Heavy rain is predicted for tonight.

Cloro likes to sleep on the sofa, in the morning sun, on the printer, on PC table, on lap; but as soon as I lay down for a nap, he has to come and help daddy do the ‘snooze’.

Today is the fourth day with no sofa pee, so things are looking up.

*touch wood*

At the moment he is on my lap, testing the culinary possibilities of a keyboard. Decided there wasn’t a future there, smelly shoes are far more worthy of his attention…

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September 22nd is World Rhino Day. What is one supposed to do? Pet a rhino in your neighborhood, adopt a rhino (wouldn’t the neighbours just love that?), turn your lights off for an hour and have a romantic dinner with your rhino… The possibilities are endless.

Rhinos, such wonderful creatures, good with the kids and ideal if your neighbour parks his car on your footpath, just open the gate and tell your rhino, ‘turn the car over!’ Maybe they are like dogs and like to chase bicycles, or give the postman a horn of a dilemma. Do they play fetch? Can your kids take their rhino to school for pet’s day or ‘show and tell’?

Normally have four shoes in my shoe box, two pair. At the moment I have three shoes, dirty socks and an upside down kitty… I have no idea where the other shoe is. He’s asleep; not surprised, unconscious perhaps, the smell of my shoes would put anyone to sleep.

Must blog along, work in an hour.