Fuel-Gauge-Coffee-Mug-1Before I got my new stove I had time for a comfortable pee, milk and sugar my coffee mug.

Now, it is a quick slash, sugar and milk if I don’t have to remove Cloro from the fridge door with foot, the coffee is boiling.

I’m not accustomed to life in the fast lane.

I found out earlier this week that we have Rhino Day on Sunday, and yesterday was National Ceiling Fan Day; today I discover that we have a whole week of frogs. Frog Week 16th-22nd Sept… follow the frog.

Love this clip Hidden Consequences from Rainforest Alliance:

So, get you behind the frog, heathen!

Blogs numbers have been growing little by little over the last few days. Blogs where numbers plummeted to below 10% have risen to 20/25% of their original hits. Gives me some hope yet, and I’m pleased that I didn’t desist.

Day Six, no errant peeing.

I just love it at night. After his little bedlam attack when I go to bed, he comes and sits by my head on the pillow. A plaintiff mew, if I am almost asleep, tells me it’s time for tickles. I stroke him and tickle him under the chin, he lifts his little head with a catlike look of bliss and begins to lean against nothing, finally toppling on to the pillow in a catatonic sleep (pun intended).

3-dayweekendtagOver the hump, downhill to last lesson for the week this evening; then it’s the weekend!

Sometimes I love being old, you can get away with shit like three-day weekends and nobody says BOO!

And you get to take naps.

BTW, it took ten seconds for Cloro to wake, yawn, stretch climb up on the back of the chair and jump across to the bed to help me with the snoozes yesterday. He’s sleeping on the printer again now and I’m about to post this and do the snooze thing.