Oh, I needed my prescription coffee this morning

Oh, I needed my prescription coffee this morning

Specifically to the Spam Bot Clown from Montreal, Canada; who struck again this morning adding 542+/- hits here and screwing up my stats…

“Go play with yourself, at least that’s productive!”

A lovely bloggable day, the sun is shining, I should be outside, but it’s scary out there, there are people!

Actually, I have been outside testing my new spade. After months of cogitating, on Thursday I finally bought one. I have been cleaning up sand where Cloro has done his thing. BTW, day seven today, I think he’s kicked the habit of peeing on the sofa. I also turned over the compost heap, letting all that delicious compost from the bottom rise to the sun, letting the wonderful agricultural aroma waft around the yard.

I decided to defrost my fridge over night and woke to a flooded kitchen. Out with the squeegee before I could splash around and make coffee. Cloro looked perplexed as his dinner tray (polystyrene) floated along with the water and detria.

Napped, lunched, blogged…

It’s beer o’clock, time for Cloro and I to go to the botequim.

I’ll leave you with a little Clorofilm.

Cloro the Exploro

Oh, the background noise at the end is a Brazilian air force fighter flying around.