No, the Blogger was a bad boy.

But, I have freshly brewed coffee and am about to rectify this serious omission.

Cold weather struck Monday after a hot weekend. Much of the south of Brazil has been devastated with heavy rain, floods, snow, huge hailstones and even a tornado ripped one small town in rural São Paulo state apart; causing billions in damage and grain losses. The towns main industry was storing soya (GMO) and the huge grain silos were just torn apart and they had trucks flying through the air.

Taquarituba, rural São Paulo state, hit by a tornado on Sunday - image

Taquarituba, rural São Paulo state, hit by a tornado on Sunday – image

Now, Brazil doesn’t didn’t get tornados, but the last two years have seen them, along with a hurricane two years ago. Brazil has always had floods, but the severity has worsened in the same two years. Tell me there isn’t climate change.

And yet we have government arseholes (assholes for Americans who refer to their arseholes as donkey-holes, we call them for what they are) denying that climate change exists, even in Australia, the newly elected prime minister is in total denial, and pushing for more and more coal.

Sorry, had to take a ‘kitty break’, Cloro wanted cuddles. He’s a growing pussy, whereas before his sharp little claws were sore, now they are agony; and his teeth have become the jaws-of-death. He has discovered that if you go out the bedroom window you can sit on top of the old fridge in the garage and survey your king, ah catdom. I have introduced him to the botequim a few times now, he is a little bit fraidy of the outside world, but ‘oh the possibilities.’

Back on track, because of the cold weather, I have been stuck indoors, not doing much, the highlight of the last two days has been limited to the dishes and finding dead cockroaches in the bed (twice). So there hasn’t been a lot to blog about. I have also been busy finding and downloading new material for English lessons, so blogging generally was on the back burner.

But have no fear, I haven’t met my demise just yet.

This is the first post of the day, so must blog along.