Hopefully, I get this written before Cloro wakes up. He’s alseep on my his our bed behind me.

nothingagainstgodNot much to blog about, but I will share one thought with you. It’s an observation made over many years of blogging. If you look at map counters on blogs there is a fact that sticks out like a sore toe. You get few visits on a humour blog from Muslim countries, not all, but some which to me means that generally Muslims don’t have a sense of humour. I reckon the reason is that they don’t drink alcohol, they don’t know how to have fun. Now, don’t get the idea that I am against Muslims, Christian evangelicals are the same, no sense of humour, I’ve known a few in my time, they can’t talk about anything without quoting the Bible, quite frankly, they’re as boring as f*&k; and they want to share their religious views with you, but don’t want to hear about yours.

Well, Rio had the world youth gathering and the pope a month or so ago to disrupt everything, then last two weeks we had Rock in Rio to disrupt everything, now we’re going to have Justin Beaver Butt in November, and already it is disrupting everything. Kids have started lining up at the ticket sales office and camping out a full six weeks before tickets even go on sale. The situation looks like getting out of hand, so the council banned camping out in the area. I haven’t seen the aftermath of that decision yet.

feelingsI have often heard it said that men don’t have feelings; then today I saw this, proof that we do.

That’s all I have time for today. I was feeling tired, so I had two naps and the day ebbed away.

Must get ready to look like a teacher, I’,m feeling so scruffy.