Cloro is nowhere in sight, not sleeping on the bed nor the printer, he’s not on either of the sofas, I suspect he’s outside exploring the yard. I continue to pad quietly toward the kitchen to pour a fresh coffee…

Then BEDLAM strikes! Before I can put a foot on the slate floor of the kitchen, there’s a white blur between my feet and he’s there before me! Just like magic! Sitting in that spot that is reserved for cats, the middle of the floor. He’s looking up at me with little blue eyes full of hope, full of hope that I’ll open the fridge door. He knows I will, I need milk for my coffee, and maybe, just maybe I’ll put some minced (ground) beef in his plate…

Tough luck kitty, no mince until I’ve been to the supermarket!

I make my coffee, I turn to leave the kitchen… and he’s disappeared. I know he’s waiting beyond the sofa to ambush me. I stop out of sight and peer over the arm of the sofa; there he is, his little bum waggling in hunting mode, waiting… waiting to pounce, waiting to savage my ankles, waiting to seek revenge.


Kittens are magic

“BOO!” I say, he looks up, threatens me with his paws, springs into the air with a half twist that would qualify him for the gymnastics gold medal, and out the door into the yard.

So, I go quietly in to bedroom and sip my coffee…

I have my last blog of the day to post.

Yes, the magic of having a kitten.

BBQ planned with ex and kids for Sunday, so I must go to the supermarket, although I may nap beforehand; naps are magic too.

I need to plan my menu for Sunday, what meats, a salad or two, munchies for the kids. These things are best done in the closing stages of a nap. A cheap but tolerable wine for the ex; she doesn’t appreciate good wine. Hers has to be sweet, even if she gets a good bottle of Riesling from my wine rack and destroys it by adding sugar… , but then she puts Coca Cola in her beer, so what can you expect? She doesn’t understand why I have all these wines and delicious liqueurs and I just leave them in the rack or on the shelves. You cannot teach finesse, it has to be acquired.