explodcoffeeIt’s true, watch what happens…

It’s a terrible state of affairs. What would you do if your coffee behaved like this?

I didn’t get here yesterday. It was the planned BBQ and I had much to do.

The laundry lady came and went. I blogged while she was here and got most of my blogging done except here and Eco-Crap, which I’ll have to rectify later.

Once she was gone I launched into BBQ-mode. Salads, meats, nibbles, drinkies,

*Oh, poo, that reminds me, there’s a two litre bottle of Coke still in the freezer!*

Phew, no explosion, but there’s now a two litre brick of brown ice on the bench.

ran_out_of_cokeI don’t normally have coke in the house, but this was a freebie I got when I ordered home delivery pizza. I don’t drink the stuff, but the kids demand it.

All was ready at the appointed hour.

I lit the BBQ just after midday, all was going well.

The appointed hour was between 12 and 1pm, came and went, No EX.

2pm, came and went, no EX.

2:30pm, the EX phoned, ‘we’re on the bus’

3:30pm EX and kids arrived.

She always does this, it’s a Brazilian trait. After twenty plus years here, I should have expected it.

I had meat on the grill, so the locals at the botequim were the beneficiaries as were a group of the local kids. I was also famished, so I didn’t wait, I had lunch – at lunchtime!

There was also a party at the botequim, birthday party for Reimundo’s daughter with music, so while we had ours in the yard the gate was open and we enjoyed the benefits while we ate, drank and talked.

Cloroin B&W

Cloro in Black & White

Cloro loved it too, he’s cool now with the world outside and spend much of the time bounding (he doesn’t just walk, he’s a toddler) between the bar and home. Now, Cloro is a cat, cats love paper bags. Cloro found the empty charcoal sack… guess what?

You got it, he became a black and white cat.

He’s also a boy-cat, he didn’t mind the dirt at all.

About 5pm the Antarctica BOA van came with live music, so we shifted to a table out in the praça. Emmylee ran round taking photos until the battery gave up exhausted… 141 of them, about half of which were mysterious blurs. Have to teach that girl how to take photos. The ex danced samba, I watched, my legs were on the verge of not behaving like legs, not because of the beer, but just exhaustion.

Emmylee is growing up, she’s a big girl now, seven. But she’s a Brazilian girl and she knows how to dance.

Dancing is something that Brazilian girls do well, Emmylee is no different.

About 9pm and we tidied up the bagunça (mess), and they went home, the house returned to it’s normal calm and I wasn’t far from the Land of Nod.

The ‘exploding coffee was from this video clip… I just couldn’t get the .gif to work.