Yes, I’ve nearly finished the dishes from Sunday’s BBQ.

Yesterday was interrupted by blogging, work and another BBQ, thus generating more dishes.

The Monday BBQ was a case of disposing of the meat leftover that couldn’t be refrozen after Sunday. Vicious circle. But appreciated by the fregües (regulars) at the botequim. Justice was seen to be done!

After a cool weekend, today is sunny, not hot, just enough to raise a film of sweat. There is a slight breeze that the forecast promises will turn to rain later today and tomorrow, As long as the rain holds off until I walk to class,

I have coffeed, I have blogged, I have washed some dishes, I have napped and played with Cloro.

Sunday, was a big day for Cloro, his first day with the gate open all day. He could come and go as he pleased; and indeed, he came and went. He crossed the road for the first time and discovered the praça (park) where I found him exploring.

Here’s the film: Cloro in the Junglz