anupsidedownpotplantYes, an essential item that we were lacking in our (Cloro & Me) house was an pot plant upside down in the bedroom doorway.

We now have one.

Cloro brought it in from outside, batted it around the kitchen, and it ended up in the middle of the bedroom doorway, where it remains.

I, like a fool, have stepped over it numerous times instead of picking it up and returning it to the outside where it belongs. But, I feel that would be demeaning the feline effort.

Cool, windy and rainy, that’s our weather. Nothing more to do apart from stay inside and blog.

I have an urge.

I painted some years ago and sold

I painted some years ago and sold

It has been niggling at me for more than a week. I want to paint again. But, I don’t have any paints, brushes or other paraphernalia; I’ll have to buy some in the coming week.

I haven’t painted for some years, but I feel I must.

It is said that if one has an itch, it should be scratched.

I read on BBC News that the US standing could be affected by the shutdown. I was under the impression that the US standing had already been affected by numerous actions in the past, so a little more damage won’t hurt.

Sour cream & onion

Sour cream & onion

I have never eaten Pringles before.

I always considered them to be an extravagance, totally unnecessary and expensive.

However, I noted that the average crisps weighed about 40gms, then I noted that Pringles had 139gms, which made them no more expensive that ordinary crisps, 4XR$2 was roughly 1xR$7 – 160gms @R$8 compared with 140gms@R$7.

When I noticed that they were on sale at the supermarket, I decided to try them. Nom noms. A little cream cheese plastered on the side made them all the more delicious. The packaging can also be repurposed with my coming return to painting. Lids for mixing paint, tubes for brushes and palette knives. Win, win!

China has 2,000,000 employees monitoring the web. That’s ridiculous. Just goes to show how paranoid they are that their communist regime is close to falling.

In Rio we have had a rising rate of protests. The latest group are teachers who have been on strike since August. The city council has just passed a law giving 6% of the teachers wonderful benefits. 6% is the number of 40 hour/week teachers, the rest are part time. The council have pushed ahead this legislation despite the teachers protesting. Obviously if the teachers are protesting then there is something wrong with the new law that ignores benefits for 94% of teachers. Politicians are so damned blind. If you’re doing something right, then there are no protests, obviously they are doing something wrong.

The world would be so much better of without politicians.

I had resurrected pizza for brunch, I am contemplating lunch by which time it should be beer o’clock.

The pot plant is still in the doorway…