Posting on this on Fizz today

Posting on this on Fizz today

I didn’t really have anything to say, so yesterday was cancelled. I sat here looking dumbly at a blank screen with cold coffee before desisting.

This morning, I read this tweet:

Clark W Griswold@crunchenhancer 16h

They shouldn’t be using a rectal thermometer at the dentist, right?

My immediate thought was, “No, they shouldn’t,” but then the devil in me made me think… “Well, that would depend on how deep-rooted your teeth were!”

Now, don’t think badly of me, I don’t always think like that, often.

But it reminded me of a cartoon I saw 40 odd years ago of a dentist with a patient in agony, having extracted a tooth, held it aloft with a long root to which was attached a sphincter, with the comment, “Deep rooted bastard, wasn’t it?”

I am surprised that the cartoon seems to have died and not survived on google.

I am sitting here drinking the cold dregs of coffee from my last cup. Even cold coffee suffices when one isn’t sure if there is more in the pot.

Cold brewed coffee. I had never heard of this before, so I went to have a look. I’ll be posting about it on my Fizz Blog later (link coming).

With all the kerfuffle about Cloro’s sex, it has dawned on me that he is a she. And, I think it’s getting close to the time I got her spayed. At the moment she is looking under the gate mewing mournfully, continuously. I think she’s calling any boy-cat who happens to be passing like a proper little slut doing what nature bids. I recognise this meow from Hello Kitty days.

I am waiting for the office manager to pass by, she has business near here today, and has offered to bring my pay with her, which means I don’t have to go on my monthly trek to Barra to gt it.

So I am likely to disappear at any given moment.

Given this possibility, it’s best I do so.