Something is likely to happen at any given moment, that’s what they call life, apparently.

Today I am waiting.

Because at any given moment, my new BBQ will arrive.

Yesterday, I arrived at work earlier than usual. Next door is a place that sells construction materials, including BBQs.

Since the last BBQ for ex & kids two weeks ago, I have been promising myself that I will get a new one, since the old one is threatening to fall into several rusty pieces.

Pretty much like this one

Pretty much like this one

I have been looking around and decided what I wanted and the price I wanted to pay, having time on my hands and a new deposit in my bank, it seemed like the perfect moment. I did what any red-blooded man would do after much thought. I went in and bought it.

With the promise that it would be delivered today. I’m not too worried. I’m not planning on having a BBQ this weekend. Although, plans could change.

That’s the thing I like about Brazil, promises are not always kept, and plans are flexible beyond belief; certainly beyond anything encountered in the first world. Which all goes to making a stress-free life.

It has taken me more than 20 years to get used to the idea, that things don’t need to be done today, because there’s always amanha (tomorrow). Brazil has this wonderful ‘ish’ factor. 10 o’clockish, tomorrowish. The first world can’t handle the ‘ish’ factor, it would rive them around the bend.

So things happen here, not now; not necessarily when you want them, but soon, at any given moment, maybe.

The rigid timetabling of the first world would send me bananas now.

Must get ready for work. I will be there at 5:30, the students will arrive at 5:30ish.


Quick update:

One of my readers, Sarah, I think, sent me this link after yesterday’s post. It’s not the cartoon I was thinking of, but it certainly conveys the same message…deeprooted1