Yes, this is what I like doing:

Fine dining

Fine dining

It also happens to be what I can’t afford doing.

The above photo was taken at my favourite restaurant a few weeks ago.

I am sitting here, totally stress-free, still waiting for my BBQ delivery.

Last night on my way to work I called in to the store and inquired about my new BBQ. Mad rush around office. It was a case of, “Ah, yes” and then we forgot to enter it in the system. Followed by, “Don’t panic, it’ll be there in the morning!”

Which leads me to wonder why I am sitting here at 2:30pm still BBQless.

I know it’ll get here, it’s just a matter of when. As I explained yesterday with Brazilians it is often ‘whenish’.

I had things planned yesterday. I put them off until today, which means I had things planned today. Now it looks as though I am putting those things off until tomorrow. That’ll be three days wasted.

I have to be at work at 4pm, if it’s not here, I’ll call into the shop again. Of course there is the chance that it’ll arrive after I leave, which is why I’ll leave the gate key with Raimundo at the botequim next door.

No-whiningOne of the things I was going to do today was to got to the supermarket, because there is an absolute dearth of food in the house due to the fact that I didn’t get there yesterday. Having eaten homemade gnocchi for both lunch and dinner yesterday, I don’t think I could face it a third time; tends to get a bit repetitive.

So to break the monotony, I’ll go to my favourite restaurant after classes and whine wine there between mouthfuls of dead cow.

That’s the plan.