Yes, this is exactly the model.

Yes, testing the new BBQ was fun. It works just fine with beef and pork, today we test it with chicken hearts (I forgot to defrost them for yesterday) and sausages. All things must be tested thoroughly and put through their paces, including a durability test to make sure it works two days in a row.

My neighbours have suggested that I should get my driver’s license renewed as this one has wheels.

Wouldn’t want to get picked up by the fuzz (Ouch!) while driving my BBQ around the praça.

No beer today, I had enough yesterday; instead I am going to increase my piceatannol levels; a substance found in red wine that reduces the formation of fat cells. You can read about that on Lords of the Drinks latest post.

To Pinot, or not to Pinot, Noir or Gris, or should I simply Shiraz… that is the question?

I read sometime back about a new grape variety for the elderly, Pinot More, apparently it prevents the night trots.

Now that I have a new BBQ, I need want one of these…

Pueblo Bar rustic styleThis is so cool.

While I dream, I’ll go and pick  some more chilies and bottle them, water the plants, by then it will be nap time and when I wake it will be BBQ.

I just love weekends.

Unfortunately, they are followed by Mondays….