Browsing through The Gardian, I saw this:

Quiz: can you spot the mythical creatures?

The Colo Claw Fish, a giant eel around 130ft long, with venomous fangs and a hydrosonic screech for stunning its prey.

The mystery of the yeti may have been solved, but what about other fantastical creatures? Can you tell a real ridiculous-sounding beast from a made-up mythical being? Take our quiz to find out

So, I did…

This was the reply:

You scored 9 out of a possible 9

Wow. You must be a qualified zoologist or something.

Probably closer to the ‘or something’, because a zoologist would have at least have to have passed high school… I didn’t. But I do consider myself well read.

Just had a wonderful lunch, slab of chicken breast, roast potatoes and pumpkin with minted peas and gravy.  Would have been even more wonderful if I had timed the pumpkin better, it was only with the second helping that it was cooked.

The greatest sin of a chef is to balls up the cooking times. Today I sinned. But at least this sinner has a full belly.

Yesterday, both my evening students cancelled class, so I did the only sensible thing to do when the fridge is empty on a rainy night. I went out for sushi.  Returning home with a full belly.

Still overcast today, no rain, although it has tried; and cool and in an hour I will be leaving for work.

So the Americans finally caved in, the world continues to spin.

Our blonde bimbo president is still frothing at the mouth over Americans spying on her backyard. More than a month has passed since she demanded the American to explain why with no response. The lady need to get some balls, tell the Americans to pack up their embassy and f**k off!

Mad cow

Mad cow

Scientists have announced the finding of a rogue protein that causes mad cow disease in humans.

What a load of bollocks, I could have told them that, I was married to one for ten years.

I just found out that Tuesday was Teachers Day here in Brazil. I still worked, courses don’t qualify. So much for that.

Toddling off. Cloro is demanding attention, if I don’t give it, my shins will resemble Shell road maps.