Weather forecasters must be the most consistent liars on the planet, after governments and lawyers.


Cloro’s first tree-climb

Yesterday was supposed to be wet, it wasn’t. Today was supposed to be fine, it is. There is no consistency. You simply don’t know if they’re lying or not.

Breakfast this morning was a little less debauched than yesterday’s. Two cups of coffee and a litre of freshly squeezed orange juice with sparkling mineral water, not a drop of alcohol in sight. No hangover, not even the slightest blur, which by rights should have been a doozy.

Yesterday was a big step for Cloro. She’s looked at trees in the park before, but yesterday out of the blue she shot up the one in front like a rocket! Straight up, then thought better of it and scampered down to the safety of the fork. It was a truly professional feline all-in-one fluid movement. But she needed Daddy to get her down to the first floor again.


Cloro helping with breakfast

Then it was time to help Daddy with breakfast.

She supervised the tocino (pork belly strips) while I drank some wine; a refreshing not too dry red Vale de Lobos from Portugal. Cloro drank a muddy little number from a puddle in the road.

She’s got fresh water in the kitchen, but she insists on drinking outside from puddles; must be something to do with the flavour.


I got a notable 1337 likes on They Say it’s in the Genes on Friday. I don’t know what’s so special about 1337; 1,000 I could understand, 1,500 I could understand, but 1,337, that’s weird, appreciated, but weird.

Got another surprise yesterday. A pineapple top that I had planted, then tore out and threw on the compost because I had figured it died, has produced the beginnings of a flower. It has taken root on the compost heap.


Little flower bud in the middle

I’m happy about that. I have planted pineapple tops before but this is the first that has flowered. I will be watching with interest.

I’ll finish today off with Cloro’s latest adventure.

Cloro and the Tocino

She grabbed a bit of pork belly fat that I had thrown on the ground.

That’s it, later.