Bigger, meaner & faster

Bigger, meaner & faster

This is my first post today at 11:15am.

I had an early class at 8:30; the student didn’t arrive, so I needed some therapy to overcome the angst.

Yes, I went shopping!

Yes, I bought my fans. One on a column and the other table top, same brand, both 50cm. The last ones I had were 30cm & 40cm, adequate, but not hurricane-like like these ones.

Sitting here in my underpants (I know, the visual is not becoming, so don’t try) with the wind blasting my right side; and it’s only on half speed.

I fear if I put it on full, it’ll send me juddering into the kitchen. It’s going to play havoc with my coffee temperature. I’ll pour fresh coffee and before I know it, it’ll be iced coffee.

I am set for a comfortable summer.

Still headlines in the news; Prince George is going to have a private christening, how sweet? Hardly news headlines.

Now it’s Germany’s Merkle who’s got her knickers in a twist over spying on her cellphone. Both France and Germany have called for the subject to be put on the agenda for the next EU meeting. I can see the Americans getting a solid crack over the knuckles over this; and so they should.

My early evening students have just canceled, leaving one student at 7pm. It’ll be cooler then to walk to work. Now that we have entered hora da verão (daylight savings) walking to work at 5:30 is a horrid sweaty ordeal.

Oh dear, I napped under the cool breeze and forgot to post… 🙂