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Cooking a Healthy Lunch

Should look similar to this

Should look similar to this

Sole fillets (halibut) poached with potatoes in milk, olive oil and capers. To be served with a white parsley sauce…

I have posted four blogs, fur to go after this. Napped successfully, weird dream, but the nap was good.

Hot again today, the plants were gasping by 9am, so they got a healthy watering. Cloro helped by  trying to trip me up while carrying the bucket of water; not once, not twice, but thrice (wonderful forgotten word that). She was also content to lap at the puddles leaking from the plants.

Lunch is over.

Yummy, with a capital YUM!

There’s enough left over for supper.

My cellphone number is about to grow. We already have eight digits, from next week we have to add another ‘9’ to make it nine.

I see the UK has approved a new nuke power plant… fools!” Hasn’t Fukushima taught them anything? What’s worse, is the Chinese are going to build it. My question is, what does China want? Throwing all this money around, China is hardly a philanthropic organisation. What’s the crunch? I bet there is one, and when we know it, we won’t like it.

Interesting point on Japan today. The lowest birthrate in the world, Japan is now a country that sells more geriatric diapers than baby diapers. Not a record to be proud of.

Now it’s Frances turn to be indignant about the American’s spy programme. Notwithstanding that it turns out the British intelligence spying was passed without parliamentary approval or scrutiny, and parliamentarians are asking a big WHY? Demanding answers. Talk about a can of worms.

The answer to all of this is still a simple, all these spied on countries need to tell the Americans and associates to pack up their embassies and go home until they learn how to play nice. But then, have they ever?

Public executions are back. FB has allowed the return of beheading clips. That should satisfy the bloodthirsty.

In Rio today we have more demonstrations. The blonde bimbo has authorised the army to enter the fray to protect the auction of a major pre-salt oil field being held today.

Nice to see that the world is still on course for disaster.



Breaking news: The American economy has surprised itself, productivity has doubled all over the country… raising hopes that the recovery has started.

Then they discovered that FaceBook was down globally.

Wrong Again

Weather forecasters must be the most consistent liars on the planet, after governments and lawyers.


Cloro’s first tree-climb

Yesterday was supposed to be wet, it wasn’t. Today was supposed to be fine, it is. There is no consistency. You simply don’t know if they’re lying or not.

Breakfast this morning was a little less debauched than yesterday’s. Two cups of coffee and a litre of freshly squeezed orange juice with sparkling mineral water, not a drop of alcohol in sight. No hangover, not even the slightest blur, which by rights should have been a doozy.

Yesterday was a big step for Cloro. She’s looked at trees in the park before, but yesterday out of the blue she shot up the one in front like a rocket! Straight up, then thought better of it and scampered down to the safety of the fork. It was a truly professional feline all-in-one fluid movement. But she needed Daddy to get her down to the first floor again.


Cloro helping with breakfast

Then it was time to help Daddy with breakfast.

She supervised the tocino (pork belly strips) while I drank some wine; a refreshing not too dry red Vale de Lobos from Portugal. Cloro drank a muddy little number from a puddle in the road.

She’s got fresh water in the kitchen, but she insists on drinking outside from puddles; must be something to do with the flavour.


I got a notable 1337 likes on They Say it’s in the Genes on Friday. I don’t know what’s so special about 1337; 1,000 I could understand, 1,500 I could understand, but 1,337, that’s weird, appreciated, but weird.

Got another surprise yesterday. A pineapple top that I had planted, then tore out and threw on the compost because I had figured it died, has produced the beginnings of a flower. It has taken root on the compost heap.


Little flower bud in the middle

I’m happy about that. I have planted pineapple tops before but this is the first that has flowered. I will be watching with interest.

I’ll finish today off with Cloro’s latest adventure.

Cloro and the Tocino

She grabbed a bit of pork belly fat that I had thrown on the ground.

That’s it, later.


Red wine that didn’t get steaked

Today yesterday was Saturday.

My next question is…

Where the hell did it go?

I woke early, I blogged and then I napped.

When I woke again it was noon+30. What a good hour to have breakfast.

So, I lit the BBQ… That thing is going to become dangerous, if it hasn’t already.

I cut the rump steak into generous pieces and salted it then splashed red wine over it, I salted the tocino (strips of pork belly) and sprinkled curry over it.

It was about then that Saturday disappeared.


Lagging Behind

Remember when we used to use these?

Remember when we used to use these?

Yes, that’s me today. It’s got to the stage where I have 25 minutes before getting ready to look like a teacher.

As for the rest of the day, nothing happened.

I tidied up the yard some more, yanked out the tomato plant added it to the compost heap. Didn’t need to water the plants, Mother Nature is taking care of that and will be until tomorrow. I went to the supermarket; disaster.

I took R$200 and spent R$343… sometimes things just look so yummy, too good to miss. Good thing I had my debit card with me. Sorted the compras (shopping), put the bottle of tequila in pride of place and reorganised my little wine rack to take a couple more bottles.

Lunch was not so glorious today, a slab of pastry with cheese and various cold meats with green pepper as a garnish; sort of a poor man’s pizza. Not healthy, but fast.

I have plastic bags strew all over the house.

Cloro has discovered a new way of having fun. Out the window pull a plastic bag from the bag on the old fridge in the garage, tug it through the window bars and play with it. When we get bored with that one, we go out and get another one “Whee, this is fun!”

Last night my PC croaked, finally after an hour of coaxing, inveigling, talking about its pedigree , idle threats, discussing what it would look like after it had passed through the window bars and words that shouldn’t be used in front of ladies, it coughed, spluttered and produced the familiar XP screen.

Well, that was a lovely litre of fresh orange juice and sparkling mineral water (heaps better than Fanta) so refreshing,  I should find an image to go with the post and then be off.


Meanwhile, I’ll entertain you with Cloro’s latest film release…


Browsing through The Gardian, I saw this:

Quiz: can you spot the mythical creatures?

The Colo Claw Fish, a giant eel around 130ft long, with venomous fangs and a hydrosonic screech for stunning its prey.

The mystery of the yeti may have been solved, but what about other fantastical creatures? Can you tell a real ridiculous-sounding beast from a made-up mythical being? Take our quiz to find out

So, I did…

This was the reply:

You scored 9 out of a possible 9

Wow. You must be a qualified zoologist or something.

Probably closer to the ‘or something’, because a zoologist would have at least have to have passed high school… I didn’t. But I do consider myself well read.

Just had a wonderful lunch, slab of chicken breast, roast potatoes and pumpkin with minted peas and gravy.  Would have been even more wonderful if I had timed the pumpkin better, it was only with the second helping that it was cooked.

The greatest sin of a chef is to balls up the cooking times. Today I sinned. But at least this sinner has a full belly.

Yesterday, both my evening students cancelled class, so I did the only sensible thing to do when the fridge is empty on a rainy night. I went out for sushi.  Returning home with a full belly.

Still overcast today, no rain, although it has tried; and cool and in an hour I will be leaving for work.

So the Americans finally caved in, the world continues to spin.

Our blonde bimbo president is still frothing at the mouth over Americans spying on her backyard. More than a month has passed since she demanded the American to explain why with no response. The lady need to get some balls, tell the Americans to pack up their embassy and f**k off!

Mad cow

Mad cow

Scientists have announced the finding of a rogue protein that causes mad cow disease in humans.

What a load of bollocks, I could have told them that, I was married to one for ten years.

I just found out that Tuesday was Teachers Day here in Brazil. I still worked, courses don’t qualify. So much for that.

Toddling off. Cloro is demanding attention, if I don’t give it, my shins will resemble Shell road maps.



How Big is Your Nurdle?

Have you checked lately?

Surprisingly, the size of your nurdle is of vital importance.

Toothpaste manufacturers want you to have a big nurdle, where as a small nurdle is sufficient. It’s a bit like penis size, not important, it’s the job it does that counts.

You’ve still got no idea what a nurdle is, have you?

To paraphrase William Shakespeare, would a nurdle by any other name still be a nurdle?

Cricketers know what a nurdle is; a case of nudging the ball into a vacant area to score runs; the ocean is polluted with plastic nurdles, but these are not the nurdles I am referring to.

I am referring to your everyday, domestic nurdle.

As parents you should be very concerned with the size of the nurdle your children use. Children’s nurdles tend to be bigger than adult nurdles and to no greater purpose. Children tend to squeeze their nurdles harder which leads to waste. Some children even squish their nurdles on bathroom walls. You have to watch the kids, they have all sorts of unseemly traits.

A nurdle, 5x bigger than necessary

A nurdle, 5x bigger than necessary

A nurdle is the small pea-size blob of toothpaste that you apply to your toothbrush. Manufacturers always show big nurdles, when a nurdle the size of a pea is sufficient; you do not need to line the entire length of your bristles with toothpaste to be effective.

Toothpaste manufacturers always show a long nurdle, because subconsciously this makes you use more toothpaste. You use more, you buy more.

English is a wonderful language, you can have so much fun, nurdles are a bit like your wenis; and you cant lick your wenis.

I am coffeeless, but the water is on.

I wrote the above last night while I was running on all cylinders. At the moment I’, not.

My coffeelessness has been resolved, now I need that all important second cup.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow, will they, or won’t they? Yes, I am referring to the Americans. Not all Americans just the myopic politicians. Will they raise the debt ceiling and prolong the agony, or will they make the world suffer a sharp, tooth-wrenching bite-the-bullet shock that will all but destroy the world’s economy, but put us back on the right track?

The more the raise the ceiling, the more damage will be done.

The world has considered the Americans to be the bullies of the planet for some decades, so their reputation was already crap. Then it was their trustworthiness that is in question over the NSA communications spy scandal, their reputation got crappier. Now it is their dependability as to being trading partners who pay their bills. Quite frankly, the USA is well and truly stuffed, their reputation just got even crappier.

the_world_in_a_nutshellI have no money in any institution. I have a bank acct just to transfer money to Brazil, then I spend it or take it out. If I had money, it would be in gold; and waiting until Friday to buy it will be too late because from midnight Thursday, the price will sky rocket if the debt ceiling is not raised.

Here in Brazil, the Blonde Bimbo (president) is saying Brazil is insulated from all these problems. LOL Two nights ago on TV we hear that Brazil has its own housing bubble. The prices of properties has doubled in five years, that’s faster than the rate that caused the US bubble. There is a collapse due here too.

To put it in a nutshell, we’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t.

It has been announced that Brazil is setting up it’s own encrypted e-mail service to by-pass the American communications harvesting. Of course if you have an email address with any of the big five like Google, they’ll still capture it, even if your email is addressed to someone in the big five. The world needs to abandon these big five services in favour of services that don’t collaborate with NSA, and quickly.

The coffee is slowly sinking in, ready to blog for the rest of this rainy day.



Apparently, dithering has options

Apparently, dithering has options

Yes, most of the weekend I was in a bit of a dither. Most of the dithering was done with a half pint of beer in one hand and various tools for attending meat on the BBQ in the other.

The dithering continued yesterday, although it was accompanied by a quagmire in the kitchen as dishes reached calamitous proportions.

By the time I unquagged the quagmire and got in front of the puter, time ran out and I only managed four posts because I have an early class on Mondays, hence only half a day to do Monday things. But I fixed that, yesterday, I moved the class to Tuesdays starting next week, because half a Monday is just not enough. Although Monday has a bad rap, you need a whole one to dedither after a busy dithering weekend. Half a Monday is just not morally acceptable nor convenient.

I did discover that dithering is an option in digital audio or graphics, if you don’t want to dither you can always truncate, or indeed bounce.

Now truncating at a BBQ is downright indecent. I was more interested in beer and beef, than truncating, besides I had nothing to truncate that wasn’t in perfect working order. Bouncing was always a possibility, in my bloated state, had I fallen, I would have indeed bounced, although sloshed around a bit may have been more appropriate.

The above drivel gives you some idea that the BBQ was a success. My new BBQ works fine with a variety of meats, garlic bread and can be used two days in a row. So my purchase was a good one. I am a happy chappy.

Anyway, that’s my story excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

So, not a lot happened yesterday, and so far, besides coffee, the most interesting feature of today was to but the recyclable rubbish at the gate.

Need more coffee and I’ll blog right along.


Testing, testing…

Yes, this is exactly the model.

Yes, testing the new BBQ was fun. It works just fine with beef and pork, today we test it with chicken hearts (I forgot to defrost them for yesterday) and sausages. All things must be tested thoroughly and put through their paces, including a durability test to make sure it works two days in a row.

My neighbours have suggested that I should get my driver’s license renewed as this one has wheels.

Wouldn’t want to get picked up by the fuzz (Ouch!) while driving my BBQ around the praça.

No beer today, I had enough yesterday; instead I am going to increase my piceatannol levels; a substance found in red wine that reduces the formation of fat cells. You can read about that on Lords of the Drinks latest post.

To Pinot, or not to Pinot, Noir or Gris, or should I simply Shiraz… that is the question?

I read sometime back about a new grape variety for the elderly, Pinot More, apparently it prevents the night trots.

Now that I have a new BBQ, I need want one of these…

Pueblo Bar rustic styleThis is so cool.

While I dream, I’ll go and pick  some more chilies and bottle them, water the plants, by then it will be nap time and when I wake it will be BBQ.

I just love weekends.

Unfortunately, they are followed by Mondays….


Dereliction of Duty

Yesterday, I was derelict.

I had too many other things to do.


Oh the world of sap green, burnt umber and yellow ochre…

I went shopping, oh the therapy. I bought some oils, brushes and a couple of canvases. I also went to the supermarket in the evening after class, so by the time I got home I was exhausted.

So posting took a back seat.

Today I am going to inaugurate my new BBQ. I have 2kgs (4+lbs) of rump steak that should give me about six 5cm (2″) steaks, a large slab of pork leg, some liver, some chicken hearts and some bread rolls for garlic bread. Oh I plan to have a good day.

I read some disturbing news yesterday. In England there is a movement to erect a statue of a ‘rapper’; some chap named Wiley, which is not even his real name. Now for me a ‘(w)rapper’ is something you find around sweets (candies for our American cousins, who insist on changing our beautiful language), chocolate and the like.

Wiley, the world does not need this; the world isn't ready for this

Wiley, the world does not need this; the world isn’t ready for this

I shudder to think what the world is becoming when we want statues of people like rappers. Rap is NOT music, rap was invented for those who have absolutely no talent and can’t sing. Rap is merely the caterwauling angst of demented wannabes.

Statues of Beethoven, Brahms, etc okay; I would even go as far as a statue of Madonna, despite the fact that I can’t stand her, but a rapper, no for all the sanity in the world, NO!

It’s not because he is of a darker hue, my thoughts were generated before I even saw a picture of him.

Besides, I love black; it’s the most solid colour on the palette. My own daughter is half black – made in Brazil with NZ components… So no one, but no one can accuse me of being racist. In fact, I am the opposite, in my later years of life, I have found white to be an insipid colour. I look at my own skin and wonder why I couldn’t have had wonderful golden or tawny tones.

But, oh no, not a rapper. There is no merit in a rapper that deserves a statue.

roast-pumpkin-seedsI should blog along, before I become derelict again. I have to stuff some olives with cream cheese, prepare a carpaccio salad and roast some pumpkin seeds (experimental). Then there’s wine to think about… the list is endless when it comes to BBQ.

And I have to change the kitty litter and watch the friendly soccer between Brazil and South Korea, it is already 2-0 into the second half.


This is what I like doing

Yes, this is what I like doing:

Fine dining

Fine dining

It also happens to be what I can’t afford doing.

The above photo was taken at my favourite restaurant a few weeks ago.

I am sitting here, totally stress-free, still waiting for my BBQ delivery.

Last night on my way to work I called in to the store and inquired about my new BBQ. Mad rush around office. It was a case of, “Ah, yes” and then we forgot to enter it in the system. Followed by, “Don’t panic, it’ll be there in the morning!”

Which leads me to wonder why I am sitting here at 2:30pm still BBQless.

I know it’ll get here, it’s just a matter of when. As I explained yesterday with Brazilians it is often ‘whenish’.

I had things planned yesterday. I put them off until today, which means I had things planned today. Now it looks as though I am putting those things off until tomorrow. That’ll be three days wasted.

I have to be at work at 4pm, if it’s not here, I’ll call into the shop again. Of course there is the chance that it’ll arrive after I leave, which is why I’ll leave the gate key with Raimundo at the botequim next door.

No-whiningOne of the things I was going to do today was to got to the supermarket, because there is an absolute dearth of food in the house due to the fact that I didn’t get there yesterday. Having eaten homemade gnocchi for both lunch and dinner yesterday, I don’t think I could face it a third time; tends to get a bit repetitive.

So to break the monotony, I’ll go to my favourite restaurant after classes and whine wine there between mouthfuls of dead cow.

That’s the plan.




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