WizardofIdSomething happened in the past week that reminded me of the lines (as best I remember them), now for the life of me, I cant’ remember why I was reminded; it was to be fundamental to the post.

Mel Brooks had a go in “History of the World, Part 1″ Count De Money is telling the King…””Your highness, the peasants are revolting.” and the King says…””You said it. They stink on ice!”

Anyway, must blog along.

This post will be the product of at least two mugs of coffee, marmalade on toast and no intentional distress to Cloro; or other cats for that matter. Except the little vixen from next door, if she continues to shit in my laundry; which she has already done this morning.

I get miffed. There are certain blogs where the post consists of an opening paragraph, then you get Read more… WTF? I hate this. I generally race for the little red X in the top right corner, unless a word in the first sentence doesn’t up and slap me with interest in the face. The only time I do this is when I post an article from another source such as a newspaper, then at least I post the pertinent stuff before sending the reader for deeper reading. But generally, my posts are complete.

I posted an interesting article City of Ghosts on Tomus Arcanum yesterday. It surprised me to read about Wan Chai, a suburb in Hong Kong. When I was younger (years 11 – 15) I had a plethora of penfriends all around the world including two from Hong Kong; both from Wan Chai. So it surprised me to read of the decline and the haunting of this once prosperous suburb.

I read with interest a few moments ago that some football (soccer) clubs in Britain are banning the local press from their press boxes, after (in one case) 100 years of loyal coverage. The bloody club concerned want £10,000, for the privilege. Turns out that many clubs have done the same, one even banning the BBC, that’s tantamount to treason. Of course, there is a solution… all newspapers and broadcasters, radio and TV, just spend a month pretending that the football clubs don’t even exist. No coverage whatever on any media; make the bastard clubs bleed. This kind of attitude pisses me off in the extreme.

OMG, I’ve just realised, no pictures on this post yet. Golden rule of posting, at least one image.

Monty Python… on Peasants and Kings…

I think I feel a BBQ coming on…

There goes Saturday!