This is the life, no?

Asi es la vida, no? This is the life, no?

In the south of Bolivia, near Uyuni, there is a cemetery.

No one is buried there, but rusting dead trains sit on kilometres of disused rail tracks and lay sprawled across the sands.

Several have suffered graffiti but one in particular tells it like it is.

I used to travel through here on a monthly basis when I was a tour guide in the mid-90s and always marvelled at this train.

flaxflulogoI saw this photo today, and it reminded me. This is the life… Saturday BBQ and beer in the sun and today in the evening classic Brazilian football (soccer) arch rivals Flamengo and Fluminense (FlaFlu battling it out for over 100 years) at 7:30 this evening, and of course, more beer.

There is a high chance that there could be some beer in the afternoon as well to accompany another sunny day.

On the not-so-good front, it appears that the US spying scandal is threatening the internet. With Brazil and Germany (and Europe) so far making plans to divide the net into regional entities.

zzYou're_screwedBasically, the US has screwed the net. This could mean the end of cloud computing, I saw yesterday an estimate of American cloud based companies losing $35bn by 2016.

Already there are pop-up warnings on some sites like, “This message may be subject to American espionage!”

The last few posts we have talked about penises, testicles, boobs and a happy pussy.

Happy Pussy

Happy Pussy

This has given me a great insight as to my readers’ preferences by measuring the ‘Likes’. Posts without the unmentionables score low, boobs and a happy pussy come next, then testicles and top ‘Likes’ go to penis posts.

This is not a trend, it doesn’t foretell the future content of my posts, but it is interesting.

Meanwhile, I must blog along

They say one must make hay while the sun shines. I have no intention of making hay, but lunch and beer are high on the list of priorities.

Ah, this is the life, no?