brain_overload-300x2001Sometimes I feel like this ——>

But mine is less cluttered, because I don’t subscribe to much of the shit that’s available to fry your brains.

I LOL a lot, and sometimes OMG even though I am an atheist, an ingrained habit from my younger years.

Saw a post on WordPress this morning: Boring, Boring WordPress; and I have to agree, WP is as boring as shit. They say they have 20% of the blog market and I know why? They’re not interested in the you and me who don’t pay for their blogs. They’re slow, their blogging is cumbersome, their themes are boring beyond belief, and free blogs can’t use plug-ins; and many useful widgets are not permitted.

Blogspot on the other hand is free, interesting themes are manageable and easy to use, there are no limitations as to who can use what.

So why am I here on WordPress?

Simple the policies of Blogspot/Google are shit. Remember two years ago, I lost five years blogging and emailing without so much as a comment from them.

If WP wants to capture the market, they have to compete with Blogspot, and at this late stage of play, that’s not going to be easy. First thing they need to do is make it easier for free bloggers; until that happens, they’re pushing shit uphill with a rake.

justin-bieber-brothel-brazil-00-600x450Justin Bieber went down like a bad pill in Brazil. Sneaking out of a massage (read bonking) parlour covered in a sheet, vandalising some place with graffiti (he’s been charged with that) and walking off the stage earlier than scheduled because someone threw something at him. Hell, if he can’t stand criticism, get out of the game. Watch out Paraguay, here comes the spoiled brat of pop!

The rain hasn’t stopped since yesterday afternoon. Looks like another walk in the rain to get to work today.

Weinerschnitzel for lunch, yum, yum. I cut enough off the slab to do tomorrow as well. The rest is in the freezer should I feel the need for a BBQ on the weekend… foregone conclusion.

The Swiss team found traces of polonium on Arafat indicating possible poisoning; however the Russian team found nothing. Who do you believe?

Russian space launch with flame

Russian space launch with flame

Why would they send the Olympic flame to space? Are events planned there? Do they have astronauts competing in the games? So why? Waste of money and resources.

Okay, so it piggy backed with a crew change over, but I still ask why?

Japan is going to start the removal of the rods at Fukushima. Watch this space…

Must get ready for work. *looks out the window* Still raining, going to get wet.