The decision was not mine alone

The decision was not mine alone

Well, the point is proven beyond doubt.

A blog post needs penises and testicles to be successful. I would like to thank all of you who unwittingly took part in this ad hoc survey.

Half the morning has gone, blow divine eau where! (Comment if you can translate the italics).

emergencycoffeeCoffee, coffee and more coffee. I woke early enough, but at six the brain wasn’t functioning, so I went back to bed and woke at 8:30. It was about then that I needed an emergency coffee.

I took a break.

Thusly (my students love this word, I tell them it’s a dinosaur word, extinct), I was able to face the day’s postings; and, indeed, have been successful, just one post to go and I will have finished my daily quota.

Nissan has told Britain that if it leaves the EU, they’ll pull their financing or investments, or something. My response to that would be “Fine, f*&k off then!”

Caution: Token penis mention…

Now there is a squabble over which is the highest building in the world. Who cares? It’s all a massive case of penis envy; compensating… They’re like a bunch of twelve year olds, “Mines bigger than yours!”

Cloro wouldn’t let me go to work last night. She wanted to follow me, and she did twice, right across the park and I had to take her home each time. Fortunately, when I rang the student she wasn’t too worried because she was going to be late because of the traffic and we mutually agreed, no class.

No trimmings, just another piece of schnitzel

No trimmings, just another piece of schnitzel

All dressed up and no where to go. The clock quickly moved forward to beer o’clock. I thought about a solution, and decided to go to Brazeiro for a BBQ dinner, but then beer o’clock stretched on, and the idea no longer fitted in with my plans. I decided to stay home and had the last of the weinerschnitzel for dinner.

Today, I will have the BBQ in my yard for lunch, huge pork leg chop, chicken hearts and boneless beef ribs marinated in red wine. This last item made me think… if a cow doesn’t have bones, it would fall down.

It’s nearly time to start the makings, but first I must explore and find the bottom of the kitchen sink again. Why does it always disappear? Another of life’s mysteries to ponder.

Oh, remember that coin on the floor… it’s still there!