I use charcoal, gas doesn't do it for me

I use charcoal, gas doesn’t do it for me

It’s Sunday!

Sunday is a day of leisure, I have posted on all blogs and I am about to leisure.

Leisuring involves charcoal, meat and beer.

Being as some people think of Sunday as the day of the Lord, I will not mention the ‘P’ word, nor the ‘T’ word out of deference.

Basically, I am using yesterday’s leftovers, except the beer, that will be fresh.

I must go for some therapy first, a trip to the supermarket is in order. I have been promising that to myself since Friday.

I see the USA and Israel have not paid their UNESCO dues and have been suspended. All because the organisation recognised Palestine. Fine, F*&k off then! We don’t need your shit! In fact, we’re better off without you.

In relation to the above, I apologise to the nice Americans out there, I do recognise that not all Americans are tarred with the same brush as your politicians. Politicians (world, not just US) should be made a notifiable disease and duly quarantined. The world would be a better place.

The laundry lady is nearly done, must change. They don’t like old men in their underpants wandering through the supermarket; it scares the bakery girls.


Oh, it’s finally happened. The worries over the possible extinction of African lions have been solved.

Tourists are now only treated to coin operated models on safari.


No! And don’t ask me what he was doing in the original photo; I don’t want to even think about that! All I know is that I wouldn’t do it.