Now that’s hot too, but it’s not the ‘hot’ I am referring to.

Yesterday, the temperature here reached 44°C (that’s about 111°F), but what’s even more amazing is the sensação termica (now get this, the translation is ‘wind chill factor’) reached 54°C (129.2°F) where I live. It was so high that it was on all the TV news stations. I certainly have never seen it this high before.

It was so hot at 1:30, I got a taxi to work for fear of becoming a molten lump of lard before I got there if I had walked hobbled as normal.

beer_glass_animatedWhen I got home at 6.00, I stopped at the botequim (bar next door) for a beer, it was still so hot that the first beer sizzled as it hit the glass.

I drank it quickly before it evaporated. “Burp!”

Copacabana beach was packed with frying Cariocas (people born in Rio city are called that), so packed that you couldn’t see the sand except at the water’s edge. I saw it on TV last night, Copacabana is about 65kms from where I live, so I don’t go there, the trip needs three buses and the thought of being packed sardine-like in buses just doesn’t appeal on a hot day.

Today the forecast is for much cooler; 12°C cooler in fact. It’s still a bright, but cloudy day.

Must get a blog along. This is my first post for the day and it’s nearly 11am.

I still have to find the bottom of the kitchen sink, water the plants, peel and salt some onions for pickling, oh, today is so exciting. Lunch… I have no idea, yet.