debating-theistsI have been debating with myself…

Light the BBQ, or relight the BBQ?

Is 20 hours between BBQs enough?

I have meat that wants BBQing, I have wine that needs to accompanied by a BBQ, indeed I have beer in the fridge that would go great with a BBQ.

So much debating, it can only be done ‘en mass’.

The sun outside is scary, I haven’t seen any forecasts yet, but I am guessing 40++°C (that’s 106°F) as a starting point. The fact that I burned my hand when I grabbed the aluminium pitcher to water the plants, gives you a fairly good idea of how hot it is today.

There is noise from the bar that indicates there are others still alive in this inferno, and trying to stay alive.

Not a lot has happened since yesterday. I BBQed, I drank, I napped, I BBQed again, I drank and watched football on TV (Portugal vs Sweden) which was one by a Brazilian… Portugal 1, Sweden nil; Cristiano Ronaldo saw to that.

'Loooove shopping,' Felix the arch-villain of the soap opera. This guy emanates pure evil.

‘Loooove shopping,’ Felix the arch-villain of the soap opera. This guy emanates pure evil.

I watched TV at home, under the blast of my new fan. Lying on my sofa with a litre jug of fresh orange juice I enjoyed my personal typhoon while I watched a soap opera, then the news, then more news, and more news after that, then another soap opera, then bed alone, wondering where my pussy was playing.

One thing that amused me during the week was the Toronto mayor. So he takes drugs, if he wants to do that fine, but it doesn’t exactly fit in with honest mayoring. He’s been filmed doing it, he’s admitted doing it, fine, that’s all they need to fire him, like any other drug taking person. The funniest bit was the headline ‘Toronto Mayor Loses Some of his Powers’. Some? he should lose the freakin’ lot! I couldn’t believe that.

Now, check out why I drink water and beer and not any form of softdrink…


I’m off to BBQ, the BBQ is lit and the smell of smokey charcoal through the window is intoxicating.

Aren’t long weekends fun?